Wednesday, December 12, 2012

16 years All-City Champs!!

The Viking Battalion did it again!
I am proud to say that I am a part of the 16 years All-City champs at James Monroe High School in the Viking Battalion! I am the 16th Battalion Commander to keep the British United Service Club (BUSC) shield here at JMHS! It was something my team and myself worked very hard to accomplish. We stuck through all the long hours of practice for a reason and that reason was to win for the 16th time. It was a difficult process but we accomplished it just as the past years teams accomplished it. I had my friends stand by my side the day of the competition and the day the results were read and I cannot be more thankful to them. I am proud of my battalion and every single person who competed that stressful day.
Seniors we did it!! Class of 2013!
-C/LTC Cassandra A. Araujo

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  1. Excellent and impressive Cassandra! Do you have any video clips of the competition or photos to post on your blog or the school website? Share the glory with girls basketball